Image Repair: Bill Cosby

My group chose to write our Image Repair research paper about longtime actor and comedian, Bill Cosby. We specifically chose Bill Cosby as our image repair celebrity, primarily because his scandal is very recent, interesting and contains a wide range of information provided about his scandal.

Cosby was a well-known and favored actor and comedian from the mid-1960’s to the mid-2000’s yet many women accusers agreed to testify against him in a lawsuit in 2005. Cosby’s scandal spread like wildfire as a large number of sexual allegations were continuously made against Cosby by 16 women who accused him of sexual abuse and 12 of those accused Cosby of drugging first before he abused them.


I personally wanted to do research about Bill Cosby’s scandal because I remember watching his comedy show when I was younger. I honestly did not watch his show a lot, but I enjoyed it when I did watch it and I never expected Bill Cosby, the “looked-up-to” father to ever be in any kind of scandal. I am most interested to participate in the image repair research for Bill Cosby because I genuinely want to know every little detail about this scandal and have a better understanding of what actually happened including the accusations made by the victims, the information that was headlined on the news and the way in which Cosby chose to respond to the victims and the public eye as a whole.

The video link below shares about the image issues of Bill Cosby and provides insight of what is most important and what is needed most in order to repair Cosby’s image according to the entirety of his scandal.





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