Goals and Objectives



February 13, 2017

As soon as I found out my group was working with and creating a campaign for Animal Birth Control Clinic, I was excited. Though, to tell you the honest truth, I was even more excited when I found out who was in my group.

We are a driven group of people who admire the mission of ABC and we want to do everything we possibly can to help them be successful. I love our dynamic because we equally balance our strengths and weaknesses. Carly is our lead contact who had the privilege of interning with Animal Birth Control last semester. With her recent experience and already existing connections, we have the ability to meet needs, retrieve necessary information and develop a solid campaign that will enhance the way ABC responds if an unexpected fire were to occur in the near future. Hector’s strengths are writing and design, Amanda is a skillful writer and planner, Carly will research the majority of our information and I will focus more on the design aspect to develop a theme and show consistency throughout our campaign. With all of our strengths working together, we will create the most informative and unique campaign for our class project this semester.


The core problem we have addressed for our campaign is that if an unexpected fire were to occur in the clinic, who would be the first to be contacted, where would the animals be taken for shelter and most importantly, how would ABC ethically respond in order to maintain a steady and recommendable reputation from their customers and the entire community.

We have carefully followed the class schedule from the beginning of this semester until now  have also accomplished the SWOT Analysis, our organization’s history, research for our background essay, a mission statement, a campaign situational analysis and the goals and objectives for ABC.



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