Meredith Ward

Animal Birth Control: Waco


January 18, 2017

Nearly two weeks ago, my team drove to ABC Clinic to meet and retrieve more information necessary for our non-profit campaign. As soon as we walked in the front door, I felt so welcomed. There were many people who greeted us with smiles and immediately assisted us. The atmosphere was already inviting with the large amount of dogs that filled the waiting room.

After a few short minutes had passed Carrie Kuehl, the Executive Director and Gina Johnson, the Project Manager walked up to us and introduced themselves. I was very impressed by the way they carried themselves and treated us because they were extremely polite and respectful. We briefly discussed our campaign strategies and goals before they happily invited us to go on a tour around the clinic. I was surprised at such a kind gesture because walking into the clinic that day, I was only expecting to sit down and discuss ideas for the campaign project then leave shortly after that. They lead us into the holding room where all of the dogs were kept in their kennels until it was time for them to be spayed or neutered. We then were allowed to walk into the surgery room where we saw two cats being neutered. After this, we were able to see the recovery room and the holding room for all of the cats. I have never witnessed anything like I did that day, but am thankful for the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of an incredible non-profit business here in Waco, Texas.

Carrie and Gina gave us a very warm welcome and informed us of a strong idea and additional details to base our semester-long project off of that have already helped us be successful in our Media Programming class. I can honestly say now that the Animal Birth Control Clinic of Waco exceeded my expectations by not only making me, but the rest of my team feel special and welcomed that day we visited. First blog post


3238 Clay Avenue



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